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For most, your time at Black Hawk College has been an integral part of your education and ultimately your professional career and/or life.

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Fellow Black Hawk College alumni have let us know that they want to stay informed of activities happening at the college, and in touch with fellow alum.

We invite you to update your contact information with us. Simply include your full name (including any name changes), address, phone, email, career information, employer and title, years you attended
Black Hawk College, your major, and any other information you would like to share with us.

Every few years, Black Hawk College Foundation updates its Alumni Hall of Fame which recognizes alumni for their successful career path? You're invited to share your story to be considered for the Alumni Hall of Fame. For more information, contact us.


Giving Back

Giving the gift of education is considered by many as the most valuable gift a person can give. The benefits are always more far reaching and more impactful than may be imagined.

Supporting the Black Hawk College Foundation with an endowment or financial contribution is an outstanding way to enhance the overall quality of the college—by making an investment in students as they prepare to lead our communities into tomorrow.

With the support of loyal alumni like you, we can ensure that our quality endures for years to come. Our staff is ready to help you create a philanthropic strategy—tailored to meet your unique needs. Gift plans can bring immediate and deferred tax advantages to both you and your heirs, while having a positive impact on the college and students. Donate now

Black Hawk College graduates give back to their alma mater for a number of reasons. While some feel a debt of gratitude for the outstanding education they received at Black Hawk College; others give so that future generations will have opportunities for success.


Black Hawk College Hall of Fame

Our Alumni Hall of Fame which recognizes alum for their successful career path. You are invited to share your story to be considered for the Alumni Hall of Fame. Read more


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