The following individuals, organizations and businesses provide important financial support of Black Hawk College



Dianne Abels

Scott Ahlgren

American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Amy Helpenstell Foundation

Holly Smith-Anderson and Brian Anderson

Donald and Norma Anderson

Tricia Anderson

Jana Arpy


Karen Baber

Adebayo Badmos

Diana Badur

Beth Balk

Cheryl Ballantyne

Nicole Banks

Karin Barrett

Marilynn Bartels

Cynthia Bauer

Kenneth and Carol Beausang

Dorothy and Byron Beck

Cindy Becker

Pat Beitel

Heather Bennett

Dennis Bishop

Jill Bishop

Tim and Linda Black

Black Hawk College Bookstore

Black Hawk College Police Department

BLDD Architects

Anne Bollati-Finnemann

Howard and Ruth Braren

Theresa Bries


Clara Caldwell

Byron Carlson

Heather Carlson

Emma Carrillo Peters

Ilene Chamra

Paul Cioe and Nancy Nocek

Angie and Bob Cleppe

David and Lori Coe

Debbie Collins

Xixuan Collins

Sue Conroy

Dori Cosgrove

Mary Crider

Edgar Crockett

Michael and Leslie Crotty


Pam Davies

Nina De Bisschop

Carrie Delcourt

Jaime Delevere

Marilyn DePauw

Nicholas DeShane

William Desmond

Stephanie Dixon

Sally Doran

Doris & Victor Day Foundation, Inc.

Karen Dugan

Patti Durnal

Susan Dusenbery

Kathy Dusthimer


Joan Eastlund

Educational Assistance Ltd.

David and Lori Emerick

Jeremy Esch

Pauline Evans


Diane Fall

Family Physical Therapy, LLC

Angela Findley

Reggie and Lena Freeman

Steve Frommelt

Donna Frye


Cecil Gallops

Daniel Garcia

Barbara Gartke

Julie Gelaude

Mikael Gibson

Brian Glaser

Sheryl Gragg

Dena Grunewald


Jonathan Halladay

William Hannan

Perry Hansen

Deborah Hantz

Coleman Harris

Hunt and Diane Harris

Richard and Kristine Harwood

Melissa Hebert-Johnson

Thomas and Joyce Hein

Henry County Independent Insurance Agents Association

Kristi Hingstrum

R. Josef and Edith Hofmann

Paula Hofmeister

Jen Holldorf

Ralph Horton

Gary Huber

Carolyn Hulsen

Judith Hutchinson


Illinois Community College System Foundation

Illowa Construction Labor Management Council

Fred Ingold

International Student Association

Virginia Irintcheva


Mike Jacobs

John Deere Classic

John Deere Foundation

James Johnson

Mary Johnson

Michelle Johnson

Sandra Johnson


Tom King

King's Daughters Moline City Union

KJWW Engineering Consultants

Larry Knipp

Amy Kolker

Kari Koster

Valerie Koster

Mary Beth Kwasek


Larry and Jane Ladwig

Doug Lamb

Cathryn Lass

Bruce LeBlanc

Stuart Lefstein

Emily Lehman

Chuck Leland

Michelle Lewis

Todd Linscott

Susan and Wes Llewellyn

Paul Lockard

Dale Loff

LaVerne Logan

Lowell N. Johnson Charitable Foundation

Maria Lucas-Murillo

Jerry and Elaine Lundeen


Mary MacKenna

Jessica Malcheff

Kathy Malcolm

Dorothy Martin

Sylvia Martin

Kathleen McCabe

Allen McCaulley

Robert McChurch

Connie McLean

Lauri McNeal

Brent and Patti McRae

Robyn McVey

M (continued)

Glenn Medhus

John Meineke

Catherine Melear

Denise Melz

Chuck Mendez

Karla Miley

Carrie Miller

Vicky Miller

Lisa Miotto

Missman, Inc.

Floyd and Carol Mitton

Moline Fire Local #58

Moline Literary Guild

Betsey and Rich Morthland

Aimee Muhleman


Anne Ney

Glenda Nicke

Ken Nickels

Peter Nodzenski

Torria Norman

Frank and Roxanne Nowinski


Kevin O'Hara


Mary and Jon Palomaki

Clifton Peters

Plumbers & Pipefitters Local #25

Mary Ellen Ponsford

Charlotte Powell


QC United

Quad City’s Vintage Rods, Inc.

Kaye Quick


Nanlee Reddy

Darshika Reed-Mahonie

Douglas and Alexandra Reiling

Judith Riceman

Mike Riddle

Dee Robbins

Lora Roby

Rock Island County Medical Society Alliance

Nyla Ruccia

Jodie Russell

Greg Ryckaert


Teri Sacco

Marvin Schiess

Fred Segura

Service Plus Credit Union

Michael Shaw

Wayne Shellhouse

Fred & Mary Siebenmann

John and Diane Slover

Carrie Smith

Laura Snook

Marcia Starr

Trudy Starr

Darcie Stearns


Tiffany Thompson

Mike and Sara Thoms

Zaiga Thorson

Lisa Torres

James Trivette

Bettie and Joe Truitt


Mabel Velge

Vietnam Veterans of America Quad-Cities Chapter 299


Michael Walters

Muriel Watters

Byrl Weiss

Jenni Wessel-Fields

Robert and Dorothy White

Sharon White

Jeff Widdop

Kevin Willems

Mike Winter


Joel Youngs


Juanita Zertuche

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