Black Hawk College Foundation provides opportunities for donors—individuals, staff, organizations, business and corporations—to make an investment in our students as they prepare to become tomorrow’s leaders. Additionally, donors provide support for numerous college projects, initiatives, and other campus undertakings as they chose for the overall enhancement of excellence at Black Hawk College. Learn more

The following individuals, organizations and businesses provide vital financial support of Black Hawk College. Thank you.

We make every effort to maintain an accurate and up-to-date listing. Should you notice an error, please contact us with corrections.
Listed are donations received from July 1, 2020–June 30, 2021. (Updated December 2021.)


Lowell N. Johnson Charitable Foundation

Quad Cities Community Foundation


The Moline Foundation


Karla K. Miley

United Way of the Quad Cities

Dr. Robert and Dorothy White


Joan Eastlund Educational Assistance Ltd.

Holly Smith-Anderson and Dr. Brian Anderson

Southern Illinois University Foundation

William Butterworth Foundation

William Butterworth Foundation


Dorothy W. Beck

Robert Murphy Memorial Scholarship

Paul Cioe and Nancy Nocek

Dr. Xixuan Collins

Robert Burke Crinklaw

Hunt and Diane Harris

Henry County Independent Insurance Agents Association

Edith (Teles) Hofmann

ILLOWA Construction Labor & Management Council

Lee Foundation

Honorable Lori Lefstein

Dr. Herbert C. Lyon

Steven Nelson

Lucille A. Perley

Joanna and Tony Reynolds



Ascentra Credit Union

Richard and Anne Kauzlarich

King’s Daughters Moline City Union

Quad City Bank & Trust

Ross Stores Foundation

Nelson Ullinskey

Vanguard Balanced Index Fund


Dianne and Mark Abels

Marilynn Bartels and Ryan Less

Julie and Ron Gelaude

Ken and Laurie Nickels

Pedal Pub QC

Up to $250

Dr. Alan and Laura Abbott

Jennifer Agan

Scott and Marti Ahlgren

Naurin Ahmad

Tricia Anderson

Jennifer Assadi

Beth Balk

Nicole Banks and Shane Banks

Karin Ann Barrett

Eugene J. Beckman

Philip M. Beckman

Heather Bennett

Ewelina Bergert

Theresa Bries

M. Duane and Lynn Chanay

Janet and Frederick Cobb

Dori Cosgrove

Mary Davidsaver

Nina De Bisschop

Dr. Brigette Dorrance

Patricia and Pat Durnal

Kathy Dusthimer

David and Lori Emerick

Larry E. Engstrom

Pauline Evans

Paul Fessler

Fidelity Charitable

Reginald and Lena Freeman

Daniel Joseph Garcia

Mikael Gibson

Gerald Grafton

Jeffrey Griffith

Terry Haru

Carolyn Haslinger

Daniel and Deb Haughey

Mark Hendricks

Jennifer and Larry Holldorf

Douglas Hultquist

Mary Johnson

Tom King

Jennifer Kowing

Mary Beth Kwasek

Cathy and Jerry Lack

Debbie Lee

Emily and Timothy Lehman

Wes and Susan Llewellyn

Dr. Paul A. Lockard

Alvaro Cesar Macias

Dr. Kimberly Mann

Sarah Marshall

Mark Maxwell

Amanda McCleary

Gretchen McLaughlin

Connie and Ian McLean

Anne McNelis

Robyn McVey

Catherine Melear

Charles Mendez

Xianzhang Meng

Michael D. or Anne

Bollati-Finnemann Living Trust

Lisa Miotto and Dwayne Tank

Carol and Floyd Mitton

Andrey Mojica

Glenda and Darell Nicke

Overlook Village (HSRE - Dial III TRS)

Clifton Jarrell Peters Jr.

Dr. Arthur H. Pitz

Charlotte Powell

Walter Prisk

PTK QC Campus Chapter

Kaye and Greg Quick

Edilberto Ramirez

Nanlee Reddy

Cara Richards

Julia Rodriguez

Thomas and Mary Root

Paul and Gail Rung

Rocio Sanchez

SBS Financial

Audrey Scheider

Sheet Metal Workers Local 91

Carrie and Ben Smith

Laura M. Snook

Allan and Barbara Stark

Trudy Starr

Darcie McAndless

Dr. Mary Alice and Charles Stewart

Mary Beth Stopoulos

Timothy and Joline Stout

Douglas L. Strand

Anita H. Summers

Vincent and Margaret Thomas

Tiffany Thompson

Zaiga and John Thorson

Cal Tingle

James Edward Trivette

Unimpaired Dry Bar

Dora Villarreal Nieman

Theresa Voss

Douglas Wier

Jacob Winters

President Tim Wynes and Becky Wynes

Eric Clarke Youngren

    Black Hawk College Foundation